*puff-breaths some dust off this place*

It is Autumn, and maybe that is why, but I am feeling a li'l bit prickly-turtle-y and while I love the Googleyploos and the people there and stuff and thing, I am also... sort of kind of massively in the need of safespace, and Tumblr is marvelous but doesn't really count in the right way, and Twitter is only good for disappearing on, and the Book of Face is nopenopenope, and...

...uh, hi.

Does anybody still read this?

I'm an author.

I can say that because I've published a book. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/153938

This began several years ago, when I started having nightmares. Not that I'd never had nightmares before, mind you... but I'd never had them one on top of another, ceaselessly, all night and every night for days and sometimes weeks on end. It recurred the next year, and the year after that.

It happened regularly enough that I began to refer to the fall as Nightmare Season.

Then at the beginning of last summer, Google opened the invite-only beta of Google+. I was invited, joined, and managed to meet some really great people, and witness them doing some interesting things. In September, with Nightmare Season looming, I decided to (and posted that I would) write a piece of short horror fiction every day in October, in the hopes that getting the demons out of my head and onto a page or screen where I could see them would help alleviate Nightmare Season somewhat.

People thought this was a fantastic idea.

People wanted to join in.

I welcomed anybody who wanted to participate in any capacity, and set it up that I would post to a filtered group an inspirational image each morning, and anybody so inclined had all day to write something and post it. I was the only one that I felt had to post something every day. I set it up that it would start October 1, and end October 31. I had folks who wanted to write, some who just wanted to read and comment, and several who wanted to provide photography or other images.

I didn't manage to write every single day, but nearly, which was pretty great (and also served as good practice in writing daily for NaNoWriMo, which I used to work on a still IP work) - I ended up with over twenty short fictions. I pared that down to twenty, edited them, and had people proof them. I formatted it, followed the Style guide on Smashwords, and submitted it with some really amazing artwork on the cover, done specifically for this collection by the even more amazing Moan Lisa.

I wrote a book. I published a book. I have a book for sale.

Check it out: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/153938
Combined Effort of Everyone

BlissFacts: Arguing on the Internet

I don't get terribly easily offended.

I'm shockingly okay with people disagreeing with me on the internet. I like to talk about things when people disagree with me and vice versa. Sometimes I learn things. Sometimes they learn things. Sometimes I change my mind/opinion. Sometimes I don't.

I just want you guys to know that I don't expect you all to think the same as I do about everything. I don't expect us to share all the same opinions. I actually have quite a few people circled whose active posts are their opinion on things which are in direct opposition to my own opinion - and I don't block them or decircle them because we don't agree. I read what they have to say.

I learn. I consider.

Sometimes I change my mind.
Sometimes I don't.

But someone having a different opinion than my own is not a reason for me to get mad.
Someone looking at something differently than me is not inherently offensive.

I don't get easily offended. I have sometimes ended up becoming friends with people attempting to troll me.

I am okay with you voicing your own non-agreeing opinion in response to my posts. I especially like if you do so respectfully, because just as I assume that people who disagree aren't doing so with the intention of offending me, please know that my expressing of an opinion different than your own is not an attempt to offend you. What I write is a function of my life, my education, my personal context, my privilege.

I don't get easily offended.
I welcome folks who will respectfully disagree with me.
I don't try to offend people.
I will try to learn from you.
Sometimes I will change my mind.
Sometimes I won't.

But that doesn't mean that we need to fight about it.

We're different - and that's okay with me.
Writing Frustration, Stupid Words

A Day

This is a strange and marvelous week, in which The Tiny Emperor is at school from 9-3 every day, and The Littlest Admiral is away entirely visiting his paternal grandparents in New York. It is strange to be without my little buddy... but rather fantastic to have the quiet possibility of so many daytime hours laying before me.

I used my morning, naturally, not to do any of my own projects but instead to help my father scrub as much mold as we could off a small inflatable boat. I spent some afternoon time trying to get my Win XP CPU back up and running, but it has been proving problematic at best. I've finally got it to recognize the attached display, and to boot into Safe Mode... and now I'm stuck. I haven't used this machine in well over a year, and apparently not long before I stopped using it I changed the password from the one I normally use for certain logins to ColingodofSex only knows what, because none of my usual or less-than-usual password combos seem to be working.

I am tired and frustrated with it, and leaving it be for tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to chart out all the possible things I think it could be, and see if I can methodically brute my way into the box.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to see if I can find a password recovery or brute forcing utility.

In word-news, I did get some writing done today; I added a little over a thousand words to my newest short story, and ran word sprints in some G+ Hangouts to help a few NaNo'ers add to their word counts. I, uh... kinda made my 50K last Wednesday and already verified. So there was that.

O hai. :D

I have been LJ-lax.

But there are awesome people with whom I could be having more consistent communication, so I think I might make a better effort to fix that in the near future. (I've been using Le Twitter, Le Book du Face, and Le Plus of Goog.)

For the now, I declare a friending/unfriending amnesty - if seeing this in your stream reminds you that you meant to unfriend me, feel free to do so. If seeing this makes you think I should be friending someone else here, feel free to throw me at them.

In the meantime, I'm going to get back to writing a story about what happens to people when they die. Hint: it's not what we do with our dead at all.

Linkdump Again

What time is it? It's linkdump o'clock! I haven't done one in a long time, and it's actually gotten to the point that I've been closing tabs containing cool things and feeling guilty for not sharing.


Writing and Bloggery
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - is still made of awesome and win, and is still a WIP. It's not your normal fanfiction. Also, brilliant!

Dating Site Snob - how to not contact people on dating sites. O.o

Firefly-isms "Once upon a time, at the Official FOX forum established for fans to discuss Firefly, a thread was started called "Fireflyology." Mike Morrow (aka MadDawgg) asked fans to submit vocabulary words relevant to Firefly."

CallMeBliss Tumblr - yeah. I'm Tumbling.

Moniquilliloquies - and in the process I'm following some really amazing-brained creatures. This is one of them.

Girl Scout Promise, Law, Motto, and Slogan - did you know that the Girl Scout Motto is the same as the Boy Scout Motto?

The Hymen - NSFW The hymen is in serious need of demystification. I came across a lot of conflicting pieces of information in my reading across various sites, including one awful site that claimed that no woman is EVER born without a hymen, and that they are NEVER torn by way of sporting activities, and so if a woman's hymen is missing, be suspicious. ARGH. >.<

Knitted Chain Maille Helmet Pattern - This is so cool! I think I might have to make some for the kids for this coming winter. Or for some SCAdian friends. Or both. XD

Bulky Cable Legwarmers with Buttons - I want, although it means I also want chunky lowheeled boots with which to wear them. They look like spats!

Multnomah - a pretty and very simple triangle shawl pattern. I'm doing it on larger needles and with a solid yarn. Note: This is a link to the pattern listing on Ravelry. If you're a member there, friend me! I'm BlissMorgan on there.

Fun Factory Delight - NSFW This is a toy I've had my eye on for a while. Price doesn't seem to really be coming down, which is a shame. Once I have income again, I think I might finally actually get it. *ponder*

Bracelet - ribbon bracelet with a copper plate, etched "What would I do?"

Fun and Games
Echo Bazaar/Fallen London - it's a browser-based, turn by turn game on the concept that there is a Fallen London, an underground city. Very Victorian, very Noir. Quite enjoyable, really, and able to be linked to your Twitter and/or facebook, if you're into that sort of thing.


Girls With Slingshots - bweeheeheelovethiscomicsomuch.

Questonable Content - the whole comic rocks, but this one in particular because AGE DIFFERENCES IN RELATIONSHIPS ARE SO CREEPY! *le koff*

Romantically Apocalyptic - read it read it read it read it it's so PRETTY

Schlock Mercenary

Goblins Comic - You know when you're playing a D&D game, and your wandering party of 1st or 2nd level adventurers comes across a group of goblins guarding a poorly locked chest? Yeah, well... imagine if those goblins finally got fed up with being adventurer fodder, and decided to take adventuring levels and be PCs themselves. YES. yes yes yesYESYESYES!

Exploding Dog

Akimbo Comics - 665 strips in, and I still have yet to figure this out in a way that I can properly explain it, except that instead of being just one comic, it's many, a different one each day, so there's something like 12 or so different stories, continuities, groups of people to follow. I like some better than others. It's not always funny. Or happy. But it's nearly always interesting.

Virus Comix - similar to the previous in that it has many different continuities/storylines... except that in Viuscomix, they cross over and intertwine and fall away again, and while sometimes it makes me uncomfortable, it has a far more frequent tendency to give me a shot of happy while it makes me think.

A Doctor World - a takeoff on A Softer World, using screencaps from Doctor Who. The following are my favorites so far: One Two Three hee hee hee.

Visual Pretties
I'm working on a search for cover art for my anthology. Not yet sure what I'm going with, because I haven't found something that matches the image in my brain, but I've looked at these:

American Greetings' Evite - Yeah, I used Evite for my son's birthday party... and it was remarkably effective! Even if it did sometimes have me doing an obsessive refresh the way I do on FedEx' site while awaiting a package. Also, the fact that I can't get the info for an invitation/responses through the Evite iPhone app unless I made it ON the app? Not a fan of that.

Pandora has been playing while I write this entry, and have listened to:
Jack Johnson: Never Know
Mumford & Sons: White Blank Page
Regina Spektor: Summer in the City
Augustana: Boston
George Winston: Rain Rain Go Away
Liz Phair: H.W.C.
Moxy Fruvous: Horseshoes
KT Tunstall: Sudden I See
The Refreshments: Mekong
Florence + The Machine: Dog Days Are Over
James Todd: Quiet Beauty
No Doubt: Ex-Girlfriend
Paul McCartney: Michelle
Dave Matthews: Gravedigger
Liliana Rose: How Can I Tell You
The Great Big Sea: Cod Liver Oil
Isn&#39;t this world Amazing?


Chester 5000 XYV - Webcomic - by Jess Fink with whom, it turns out, some folks I know have gamed. NSFW for hot hot comicy robotpr0n.

Neopets - ohgod, I shouldn't play this again.

Not A Painting - amazing photograph that has been making the rounds. Am tempted to cope it as an actual painting.

Woot - it's still my daily deal site of choice.

Buttersafe - a webcomic; hurray for ball pit jokes!

The Art of Aubrey Beardsley - it is said that the people were unprepared for the contents of his mind.

Viruscomix - somewhat insane and incredibly smart comic overall, and this strip in particular I consider a Must Read. For all of you.

Photos - the official White House Flickr photostream. I, uh... think I have a fangirl crush. Maybe on my president, maybe on his photographer. Possibly both.

Clockwork Couture - Steampunky outfits and pieces and accessories.

Image - Spider-kid. My favorite comment: "We see a kid in a spider man suit, the kid sees idiots standing in lava."

Shit My Students Write - a Tumblr.

HolyMauryMotherOfGod - another tumblr - dedicated to gifs made from the Maury Povich show. Oh my god I can't stop clicking through the archives, whyyyyyy???!!!!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - I will not be held responsible for your addiction if you click.

Call for Submissions!
Title: Like a Coming Wave

Merfolk and naiads cavort among the rolling waves, while selkies and sprites winnow below – though not so deep as the serpents or kraken, far beyond the reach of the sirens’ song or Charybdis and Scylla’s hungry mouths. The ocean is a vast playground of creatures real and imagined, rife with power and depth. We want to know how this translates into the sensuality and sexuality of those who live in and around Earth’s last frontier. How do merfolk court? Do the denizens of the sea get worked up by great storms? What happens if a naiad gets stuck in a tide pool? We’re looking for stories that focus on the humanity in the inhuman, the exploration of unfamiliar boundaries, and the instincts and seductions of creatures that never have to worry about getting somebody wet. Circlet Press welcomes sex-positive stories of all sexualities and preferences.

Length: Our preferred length is approximately 3500 to 7500 words, but we will consider the range from 2000 to 10,000 words. All submissions must be made via email Andrea Trask, editor, at the following address: blisswrites@gmail.com

Linkdump: Epic

Yeah, I've got so many tabs open right now in Chrome that they're just a series of nubby bumps across the top of the window. No identifying marks of any kind. ...my browser looks like a French Tickler. >.<

Seriously though, there's enough here that I am compelled to categorize them:

Wikipedia Articles:
Mensch- Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh; from German: Mensch, for "human being") means "a person of integrity and honor".
Inveniam Viam - "Aut inveniam viam aut faciam" (or "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam") is Latin for "I shall either find a way or make one."
Illegitimi non carborundum - Don't let the bastards grind you down. (My preferred alternate is Nolite te bastardes carborundum.)
UHF - "Oh, Joel Miller, you just found the marble in the oatmeal! You're a very, very, very lucky little boy. You know why? You get to drink from...THE FIRE HOOOOOSE!!!"
Proto-World language - The Proto-Human language (also Proto-Sapiens, Proto-World) is the hypothetical most recent common ancestor of all the world's languages. The concept of "Proto-Human" presupposes monogenesis of all recorded spoken human languages. It does not presuppose monogenesis of these languages with unrecorded languages, such as those of the Paleolithic or hypothetical Neanderthal languages. Advocates of linguistic polygenesis do not accept the notion of a fully developed Proto-Human language and derive the world's language families as independent developments out of a proto-linguistic form of communication used by archaic Homo sapiens. If the assumption of a "Proto-Human" language is accepted, its date may be set anywhere between 200,000 years ago (the age of Homo sapiens) and 50,000 years ago (the age of behavioral modernity)
Nyotaimori - Nyotaimori (Japanese: 女体盛り, "female body presentation"), often referred to as "body sushi," is the extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. Nantaimori (Japanese: 男体盛り) refers to the same practice using a male model. This subdivision of food play is originally an obscure Japanese practice that has attracted considerable international media attention.

Wig pattern - I'm trying this out in purple acrylic.
Allete - Angel wings.
Archive listing on Knitty of Whimsy patterns
Handwarmers - I've been tapped to knit a pair of handwarmers on commission; I found this image as a base visual from which to start coming to agreement with the buyer on what they want it to look like.
Knitting making return to classroom - DailyMail article
Aviator cap pattern - this is the base pattern for the Mega Man hat I'm going to make for my sister's husband.
Beowulf Socks


Peta Wilson - A Mina Harker in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- starting at 50 seconds: YOU CALL THIS A STORM?!?!?
Bones Quotes - from 2005 season
Lyrics - Phineas & Ferb theme song

XKCD - Nesting and recursion are both fascinating to me.
This Is Why I Bike

Surviving the World - Mothers and Children

To Win A War, You Gotta Become War - A Redridge quest in a series that resulted in the deaths of some really fantastic NPCs, and me wearing an incredibly nostalgic red Bravo Company bandana.

- Plato, The Allegory of the Cave
Loguen - The Rev. J. W. Loguen, as a Slave and as a Freeman. A Narrative of Real Life: Electronic Edition. Loguen, Jermain Wesley

Definition: Fend
English Harbour 5 Year Old Antigua Rum
Duxbury Farmer's Market - Local Farmer's Market
Mindfulness - living with awareness and compassion
Editorial Freelancers Association - Rates
Cake Crashing (A True Story) - on Funny Facebook Fails: The story of how a man not only crashed Paris Hilton's birthday party, but managed to make off with the cake as well.
Angry Birds - This man made for his son a PLAYABLE Angry Birds birthday cake!
Tips For Kicking Ass Before Yours Gets Grabbed Or Worse - Mother Jones
Eye-Pod and Night Light
Dress - Johanna Olive Green/Black on Dornbluth

Boy Toys
Lost Ground Hulle Granz Cathedral
Batman: Urban Stealth
Best Use Of Ironic Mustache Ever -SO VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK
Optical illusion: Batman?
Stormy Horizon
Outrageously Lovecraftian
It's, I... just look at it. XD
Angel of Death
Hand Twitter
The Victim

Lastly: My etsy shop. I have cashmere, darlings. Pretty, pretty cashmere. And free shipping if you use the code "LJFRIEND" at checkout! Please pass it around - the link, AND the coupon code. ;)


Scattershot of funny linkery:
http://www.watchersweb.com/sub_preview.php?sub_no=njzs1299819074 NSFW

And ON we go, so much time, so little to do!

...no wait. Strike that. Reverse it.

Microsoft to cease releasing Zune - if ever there were a time for me to write a "Goodnight Zune" parody, now would be it.

Boing Boing - Tycho Brahe's Dwarf and Elk.

Stephen King - has written a new book in the Dark Tower series, to fill in a gap. I need a moment here. EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *breathes* I'm better now. But I might need a towel.

Snake Bites Model - TEL AVIV -- "A snake that bit Israeli model and actress Orit Fox in the chest has died of silicone poisoning from her surgically enhanced breasts." Yes, there is a video. Yes, you get to see the snake latch on. ...and yes, you then get to see it again in slow motion.

Knitting - Mega Man Helmet knit hat. I'm going to make this for my brother in law.

Watch Star Trek Online

AlterNet - Awesome: Wisconsin Firefighters Shut Down Bank That Funded Walker

Sewing/Knitting - sewn case for knitting needles.

Grumperina - Ziploc folders for needle storage.

Image - Coffee Machine warnings

The Big Picture - Boston.com, earthquake hits japan

Imgur - "Involuntary Collaborations: I buy other people's landscape paintings at yard sales and Goodwill and put monsters in them." I love these images. I love the idea. It has inspired me to do something similar yet distinct, once yard sale season hits - this town tends to have some epicly nasty artwork available for cheap.

Jacketlust - I have the omgwantgrabbyhands for the jacket Bones is wearing in the images at the bottom of the page.

InfoPlease - Daylight Savings Time

IMDB - Leverage

Image Search - Ocelot

Video: Validation
I am so in love with this video, and I just about creamed myself when I started watching Bones and recognized TJ Thyne. I have odd but very strong actorcrushes, and it always delights me in a very visceral way when I attach to someone in something small, and then get to see them really make good. It's a basic part of who I am and how I roll, I guess - even if there is nothing in it to benefit me, I like to see the people that I like do well. So.

Search - Bowler Hats

Wikipedia - Article: Sephan Bibrowski, a.k.a. Lionel the Lion-faced Man. He suffered from hypertrichosis, which meant he had hair growing ALL over his body. He toured with Barnum & Bailey at the turn of the century. He also spoke 5 languages.

Knitting - Kids play ball. I used it as the basis for Frederick J Blobbington the First, picture at the link to follow.

Image - Frederick J Blobbington the First.

Definition - Concantenate

Knitted breasts created by 91-year-old pensioner - "You might expect your granny to knit you a woolly jumper, but one pensioner has been defying expectations by using her needles to craft amazing knitted BREASTS. Coral Charles-Dunne, 91, from Birmingham, has knitted dozens of the unusual educational tools as part of a project to inform expectant and new mums about breastfeeding."

Consenticorn - NSFW - Consent is SEXY!

IMDB - TJ Thyne - o gods, you guys, you have no IDEA how hard I would hit that.

Doctor Who - knitting. The Scarf. Particularly, the wine scarf, but there's patterns for all of his scarves here.

Lyrics - Jewel: Jupiter