January 21st, 2011

Combined Effort of Everyone


Today's Horrorscope - Capricorn, specifically.

Nude Men Clock - NSFW because it is what it says - an analog clock made out of tiny pixelated nude men. Not that you can really see anything at all. Plus, they periodically hold and release helium balloons. IDK, but it made me laugh. Also, there's apparently an iPhone app of it.

Veronica Mars: Science Role Model - on twistedphysics.typepad.com and I'm pretty sure gotten via shadesong

Science Cheerleaders - That's right, cheerleaders. For science. Forget the idea that a woman who wants to wear a tight outfit and cheer for a sports team is automatically a bubblehead - there are many cheerleaders who also are or go on to fields of science and engineering, and as Science Cheerleaders, they're informing the lives of a huge swath of adoring young girls. Hell yeah!

Epic Lego Marble Run - This is what happens when you DON'T helicopter parent. Give them a bunch of module toys and shut them in their rooms for a few hours. Its amazing what kids will do on their own! (Notice the strategically parked trucks underneath.)

100 Year Old Whiskey Unearthed In Antarctica - Left behind by Shackleton's explorations, recently retrieved... and wasn't Shackleton's ship the one they used in the beginning of one of the National Treasure movies?

Commingled Code - "At least theoretically, open source could also resolve the main dilemma that bedevils innovation policy. On the one hand, most inventors need incentives to keep inventing. On the other, the social value of an invention is maximised if anyone—not just those willing to pay for it—can use it. Open source seems to satisfy both conditions. Developers contribute voluntarily, and share code freely.

This makes it all the more surprising that the writing about open source is rather patchy. To be sure, there are plenty of books about it. But many are banging a drum on one side or the other of the heated debate within the software industry. Others lionise open-source stars, such as Linus Torvalds, who wrote the first version of Linux, a popular operating system. None offers a robust survey and analysis of the phenomenon.

With “The Comingled Code”, Josh Lerner and Mark Schankerman, professors at the Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics respectively, are aiming to fill this gap."

KKazz - Apparently these designs are all for sale on Etsy. I particularly enjoy the ammonite worry beads and the beaded clay witch bottle.

A Guide to Lunchtime Social Groups, Through Life - I found myself sticking people I knew from high school at certain tables... XD

Try This At Home - Lyrics to the song by Frank Turner. And really, you should Hear It.

Dita Von Teese:

Jacques' Cabaret - located in Boston MA, I went there for my birthday for a drag show. It was HIlarious, and I highly recommend it. Not for folks who might have issues with physical contact or men in dresses with better legs than mine.

Quotes from The Blues Brothers - on IMDB. Because I couldn't remember how many miles it was to Chicago.

I have this artist friend who does such neat work:
Let me know what you think and I'll tell her; she's in art school right now, so feedback is even more good for her right now than for a standard artist. :D

Good Morning Miss Bliss - did you know that this is what Saved By The Bell originally was? Yeah, me either. OMG they were so TINY!

Box Joint Pliers - that is all.

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