February 12th, 2011

Isn't this world Amazing?

Linkdump and stuff and thing

Have such lovely things to write about! But first, must clear my head (and tabs) with a linkdump. Also, must address the matter of my filters, who is on them, and who is not but wishes to be.

Poem - i carry your heart with me, by e.e. cummings

Pattern - Maeva sock pattern on Knitty. I'm making these in a lovely hibiscus pink lambswool/angora/nylon that I frogged from a horrible sweatervest. They're for my mom.

Erotic shortfiction - Fruit of Knowledge, Seed of Truth by yours truly. I was sharing some of my work with a new friend last night, and this one got the reaction, "zomg, i just read your third story and *gasp* awesomesauce" - I'd call that positive feedback, neh?

Flowers - Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, and other brightly colored tropical flowers.

Knitting Technique - the magical cast-on for toe-up sock knitting. Booyeah.

Wikipedia - George H. W. Bush article. IDK, I was answering a trivia question....

Tool - Hand Operated Ball Winder, on Amazon. I have one, and the thing is invaluable for frogging foolish sweaters for their awesome fiber content.

Yarn shopping - I wasn't really shopping, just looking to see what the cost per unit length currently roughly is; I have some I'm probably going to toss up on Etsy. Silk/linen blend, anybody?

MBTA Subway Schedule - I spent a bunch of time on the T trains this week. Knowing the schedule is very useful.

How To Resize An Image In BBCode

Periscope Magazine

My Valentinr - bliss
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Webcomic - The System - What Car Horns Are Really Saying

Illusion Knitting - I REALLY don't need another crafting hobby attempting to capture my interest... but this does look wicked nifty!

Telegraph, UK - Otto the octopus wreaks havoc.

Drunk octopus wants to fight you! - word is still out on whether this one is any relation to Otto.

How To Write Well Badly - Bwahaha! XD

And finally, a little internet nostalgia...
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