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Linkdump: Epic

Yeah, I've got so many tabs open right now in Chrome that they're just a series of nubby bumps across the top of the window. No identifying marks of any kind. ...my browser looks like a French Tickler. >.<

Seriously though, there's enough here that I am compelled to categorize them:

Wikipedia Articles:
Mensch- Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh; from German: Mensch, for "human being") means "a person of integrity and honor".
Inveniam Viam - "Aut inveniam viam aut faciam" (or "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam") is Latin for "I shall either find a way or make one."
Illegitimi non carborundum - Don't let the bastards grind you down. (My preferred alternate is Nolite te bastardes carborundum.)
UHF - "Oh, Joel Miller, you just found the marble in the oatmeal! You're a very, very, very lucky little boy. You know why? You get to drink from...THE FIRE HOOOOOSE!!!"
Proto-World language - The Proto-Human language (also Proto-Sapiens, Proto-World) is the hypothetical most recent common ancestor of all the world's languages. The concept of "Proto-Human" presupposes monogenesis of all recorded spoken human languages. It does not presuppose monogenesis of these languages with unrecorded languages, such as those of the Paleolithic or hypothetical Neanderthal languages. Advocates of linguistic polygenesis do not accept the notion of a fully developed Proto-Human language and derive the world's language families as independent developments out of a proto-linguistic form of communication used by archaic Homo sapiens. If the assumption of a "Proto-Human" language is accepted, its date may be set anywhere between 200,000 years ago (the age of Homo sapiens) and 50,000 years ago (the age of behavioral modernity)
Nyotaimori - Nyotaimori (Japanese: 女体盛り, "female body presentation"), often referred to as "body sushi," is the extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. Nantaimori (Japanese: 男体盛り) refers to the same practice using a male model. This subdivision of food play is originally an obscure Japanese practice that has attracted considerable international media attention.

Wig pattern - I'm trying this out in purple acrylic.
Allete - Angel wings.
Archive listing on Knitty of Whimsy patterns
Handwarmers - I've been tapped to knit a pair of handwarmers on commission; I found this image as a base visual from which to start coming to agreement with the buyer on what they want it to look like.
Knitting making return to classroom - DailyMail article
Aviator cap pattern - this is the base pattern for the Mega Man hat I'm going to make for my sister's husband.
Beowulf Socks


Peta Wilson - A Mina Harker in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- starting at 50 seconds: YOU CALL THIS A STORM?!?!?
Bones Quotes - from 2005 season
Lyrics - Phineas & Ferb theme song

XKCD - Nesting and recursion are both fascinating to me.
This Is Why I Bike

Surviving the World - Mothers and Children

To Win A War, You Gotta Become War - A Redridge quest in a series that resulted in the deaths of some really fantastic NPCs, and me wearing an incredibly nostalgic red Bravo Company bandana.

- Plato, The Allegory of the Cave
Loguen - The Rev. J. W. Loguen, as a Slave and as a Freeman. A Narrative of Real Life: Electronic Edition. Loguen, Jermain Wesley

Definition: Fend
English Harbour 5 Year Old Antigua Rum
Duxbury Farmer's Market - Local Farmer's Market
Mindfulness - living with awareness and compassion
Editorial Freelancers Association - Rates
Cake Crashing (A True Story) - on Funny Facebook Fails: The story of how a man not only crashed Paris Hilton's birthday party, but managed to make off with the cake as well.
Angry Birds - This man made for his son a PLAYABLE Angry Birds birthday cake!
Tips For Kicking Ass Before Yours Gets Grabbed Or Worse - Mother Jones
Eye-Pod and Night Light
Dress - Johanna Olive Green/Black on Dornbluth

Boy Toys
Lost Ground Hulle Granz Cathedral
Batman: Urban Stealth
Best Use Of Ironic Mustache Ever -SO VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK
Optical illusion: Batman?
Stormy Horizon
Outrageously Lovecraftian
It's, I... just look at it. XD
Angel of Death
Hand Twitter
The Victim

Lastly: My etsy shop. I have cashmere, darlings. Pretty, pretty cashmere. And free shipping if you use the code "LJFRIEND" at checkout! Please pass it around - the link, AND the coupon code. ;)
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