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Linkdump Again

What time is it? It's linkdump o'clock! I haven't done one in a long time, and it's actually gotten to the point that I've been closing tabs containing cool things and feeling guilty for not sharing.


Writing and Bloggery
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - is still made of awesome and win, and is still a WIP. It's not your normal fanfiction. Also, brilliant!

Dating Site Snob - how to not contact people on dating sites. O.o

Firefly-isms "Once upon a time, at the Official FOX forum established for fans to discuss Firefly, a thread was started called "Fireflyology." Mike Morrow (aka MadDawgg) asked fans to submit vocabulary words relevant to Firefly."

CallMeBliss Tumblr - yeah. I'm Tumbling.

Moniquilliloquies - and in the process I'm following some really amazing-brained creatures. This is one of them.

Girl Scout Promise, Law, Motto, and Slogan - did you know that the Girl Scout Motto is the same as the Boy Scout Motto?

The Hymen - NSFW The hymen is in serious need of demystification. I came across a lot of conflicting pieces of information in my reading across various sites, including one awful site that claimed that no woman is EVER born without a hymen, and that they are NEVER torn by way of sporting activities, and so if a woman's hymen is missing, be suspicious. ARGH. >.<

Knitted Chain Maille Helmet Pattern - This is so cool! I think I might have to make some for the kids for this coming winter. Or for some SCAdian friends. Or both. XD

Bulky Cable Legwarmers with Buttons - I want, although it means I also want chunky lowheeled boots with which to wear them. They look like spats!

Multnomah - a pretty and very simple triangle shawl pattern. I'm doing it on larger needles and with a solid yarn. Note: This is a link to the pattern listing on Ravelry. If you're a member there, friend me! I'm BlissMorgan on there.

Fun Factory Delight - NSFW This is a toy I've had my eye on for a while. Price doesn't seem to really be coming down, which is a shame. Once I have income again, I think I might finally actually get it. *ponder*

Bracelet - ribbon bracelet with a copper plate, etched "What would I do?"

Fun and Games
Echo Bazaar/Fallen London - it's a browser-based, turn by turn game on the concept that there is a Fallen London, an underground city. Very Victorian, very Noir. Quite enjoyable, really, and able to be linked to your Twitter and/or facebook, if you're into that sort of thing.


Girls With Slingshots - bweeheeheelovethiscomicsomuch.

Questonable Content - the whole comic rocks, but this one in particular because AGE DIFFERENCES IN RELATIONSHIPS ARE SO CREEPY! *le koff*

Romantically Apocalyptic - read it read it read it read it it's so PRETTY

Schlock Mercenary

Goblins Comic - You know when you're playing a D&D game, and your wandering party of 1st or 2nd level adventurers comes across a group of goblins guarding a poorly locked chest? Yeah, well... imagine if those goblins finally got fed up with being adventurer fodder, and decided to take adventuring levels and be PCs themselves. YES. yes yes yesYESYESYES!

Exploding Dog

Akimbo Comics - 665 strips in, and I still have yet to figure this out in a way that I can properly explain it, except that instead of being just one comic, it's many, a different one each day, so there's something like 12 or so different stories, continuities, groups of people to follow. I like some better than others. It's not always funny. Or happy. But it's nearly always interesting.

Virus Comix - similar to the previous in that it has many different continuities/storylines... except that in Viuscomix, they cross over and intertwine and fall away again, and while sometimes it makes me uncomfortable, it has a far more frequent tendency to give me a shot of happy while it makes me think.

A Doctor World - a takeoff on A Softer World, using screencaps from Doctor Who. The following are my favorites so far: One Two Three hee hee hee.

Visual Pretties
I'm working on a search for cover art for my anthology. Not yet sure what I'm going with, because I haven't found something that matches the image in my brain, but I've looked at these:

American Greetings' Evite - Yeah, I used Evite for my son's birthday party... and it was remarkably effective! Even if it did sometimes have me doing an obsessive refresh the way I do on FedEx' site while awaiting a package. Also, the fact that I can't get the info for an invitation/responses through the Evite iPhone app unless I made it ON the app? Not a fan of that.

Pandora has been playing while I write this entry, and have listened to:
Jack Johnson: Never Know
Mumford & Sons: White Blank Page
Regina Spektor: Summer in the City
Augustana: Boston
George Winston: Rain Rain Go Away
Liz Phair: H.W.C.
Moxy Fruvous: Horseshoes
KT Tunstall: Sudden I See
The Refreshments: Mekong
Florence + The Machine: Dog Days Are Over
James Todd: Quiet Beauty
No Doubt: Ex-Girlfriend
Paul McCartney: Michelle
Dave Matthews: Gravedigger
Liliana Rose: How Can I Tell You
The Great Big Sea: Cod Liver Oil
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