Ignorance is... me (iambliss) wrote,
Ignorance is... me

O hai. :D

I have been LJ-lax.

But there are awesome people with whom I could be having more consistent communication, so I think I might make a better effort to fix that in the near future. (I've been using Le Twitter, Le Book du Face, and Le Plus of Goog.)

For the now, I declare a friending/unfriending amnesty - if seeing this in your stream reminds you that you meant to unfriend me, feel free to do so. If seeing this makes you think I should be friending someone else here, feel free to throw me at them.

In the meantime, I'm going to get back to writing a story about what happens to people when they die. Hint: it's not what we do with our dead at all.
Tags: friends, self, writing, writing down the bones and the brains an

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