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A Day

This is a strange and marvelous week, in which The Tiny Emperor is at school from 9-3 every day, and The Littlest Admiral is away entirely visiting his paternal grandparents in New York. It is strange to be without my little buddy... but rather fantastic to have the quiet possibility of so many daytime hours laying before me.

I used my morning, naturally, not to do any of my own projects but instead to help my father scrub as much mold as we could off a small inflatable boat. I spent some afternoon time trying to get my Win XP CPU back up and running, but it has been proving problematic at best. I've finally got it to recognize the attached display, and to boot into Safe Mode... and now I'm stuck. I haven't used this machine in well over a year, and apparently not long before I stopped using it I changed the password from the one I normally use for certain logins to ColingodofSex only knows what, because none of my usual or less-than-usual password combos seem to be working.

I am tired and frustrated with it, and leaving it be for tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to chart out all the possible things I think it could be, and see if I can methodically brute my way into the box.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to see if I can find a password recovery or brute forcing utility.

In word-news, I did get some writing done today; I added a little over a thousand words to my newest short story, and ran word sprints in some G+ Hangouts to help a few NaNo'ers add to their word counts. I, uh... kinda made my 50K last Wednesday and already verified. So there was that.
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