Ignorance is... me (iambliss) wrote,
Ignorance is... me

BlissFacts: Arguing on the Internet

I don't get terribly easily offended.

I'm shockingly okay with people disagreeing with me on the internet. I like to talk about things when people disagree with me and vice versa. Sometimes I learn things. Sometimes they learn things. Sometimes I change my mind/opinion. Sometimes I don't.

I just want you guys to know that I don't expect you all to think the same as I do about everything. I don't expect us to share all the same opinions. I actually have quite a few people circled whose active posts are their opinion on things which are in direct opposition to my own opinion - and I don't block them or decircle them because we don't agree. I read what they have to say.

I learn. I consider.

Sometimes I change my mind.
Sometimes I don't.

But someone having a different opinion than my own is not a reason for me to get mad.
Someone looking at something differently than me is not inherently offensive.

I don't get easily offended. I have sometimes ended up becoming friends with people attempting to troll me.

I am okay with you voicing your own non-agreeing opinion in response to my posts. I especially like if you do so respectfully, because just as I assume that people who disagree aren't doing so with the intention of offending me, please know that my expressing of an opinion different than your own is not an attempt to offend you. What I write is a function of my life, my education, my personal context, my privilege.

I don't get easily offended.
I welcome folks who will respectfully disagree with me.
I don't try to offend people.
I will try to learn from you.
Sometimes I will change my mind.
Sometimes I won't.

But that doesn't mean that we need to fight about it.

We're different - and that's okay with me.
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