Isn't this world Amazing?


Hugh Casey Photograph - Dude does awesome photography.

Wowhead - Quest page, He Who Controls The Ettins. Hee. Dune reference.

Image - Alignments illustrated by muppets.

Serenity Prayer - full text of the common verse. I've paraphrased it:

Grant me the Serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
Kaylee to change the things I can;
and wisdom to stay the gorram hell away from Reaverspace.

Knitting Patterns - free patterns from JustCallMeRuby.

Lyrics - Invent It All Again, by Faded Paper Figures.
Iron bridges, melodic chimes
Things I made for you back then.
All these clocks are only marking time
Let's invent them all again.

Folding chairs and building blocks
magic mirrors to pretend.
Seismographic data in our hearts
Let's invent them all again.

Troy Waterfront Farmer's Market - if you're anywhere in New York's Capitol District, you should check it out! Especially, visit dreamPuff, the gourmet marshmallows vendor. Try the Guinness Marshmallows. Tell him Bliss sent you. ;)

Recipe - How To Make Chicken Stock, at Simply Recipes. I've never actually done it before, so this was very experimental. I think the only issue, really, is that I'm going to start with even more water next time so I have more concentrated stock left after the reduction.

Wikipedia - Verizon FiOS. Yeah. We're getting it on Friday.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - Yes, linking you into the Pit of Voles... but it's worth it, trust me.

Wowhead - Quest page, Bird is the Word. *cue Peter Griffin* - a link to my published shorts. NSFW, unless your work has no problem with you reading erotic SF/F.

Wikipedia - Andrea Doria Capsizes and Sinks. I was telling someone about how I got my birth name.

Lyrics - Blank White Page, by Mumford & Sons
But tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with all my heart
Oh tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with all my heart

A white blank page and a swelling rage, rage
You did not think when you sent me to the brake, the brake
You desired my attention but denied my affections, my affections

Knitting - Pattern: Shipwreck. On In the midst of unhurried unpacking I have finally uncovered my WIP of this project... and rediscovered that I'd put it away for so long because Ember had gotten ahold of it and chewed the baby alpaca yarn I'm using for it into a morass of unhappiness. :(

Wikipedia - Starbucks. Do YOU know where they got their name? :D

Knitting - Pattern: Maeva socks on Knitty. I'm working these up for my mom in a lambswool/angora/nylon, and it's delicious. Yay, socks aren't scary anymore! Also, floatyhearts for toe-up. :D

Geminoid Robot - You can tell it's the evil twin because it has a goatee. So, yeah... kind of freakishly realistic, especially when its features are at rest, but as soon as they start moving the eyes and mouth? It looks like an anime character. :p

Books of Joshua - A blog by the eponymous author, Josh is an intelligent and articulate young man. His reflections are new, but range from a homily-esque examination of the Why of Ash Wednesday, to a portion of his newest Fantasy-genre writing project, to deconstruction of Pop lyrics and their reflection/impact on modern culture, to an Ode to his Printer.

NYT Opinion Page - Why Monogamy Matters.

E. Nagosaki: Sex Nerd - an explanation of how it is not really so difficult to place importance upon sex and affection, and yet to be single.

Surviving The World - Lesson #626: Coffee and Dieting

Skidmore Bluffs - a photocomic. So far as I can tell, it has no particular association to Skidmore College.

Ithacork - Blog: wine and science in the Finger Lakes. - Yarn weights

Citrus Soldier - A photocomic made daily from images snatched from Flickr.

Last but farthest possible from least: My Etsy Shop! Please check it out, especially all you knitter/crocheter folks. I've been reclaiming quality yarns from sweaters that don't deserve their fiber content, and skeining the results for scale. Available fibers include italian merino, lambswool, angora, and cashmere!
Isn't this world Amazing?


Did you know that the Old Spice Guy was on Will It Blend?

Skies of Blue - I'm selling reclaimed yarn on Etsy! This is the first of several auctions set to go up this weekend, so keep checking back, and pass it around to your friends. A variety of colors, weights, and fiber contents (merino, cashmere, and angora figure chiefly among the last.)

Hyperbole and a Half - if any of you know this of late, it's probably because her story about moving with dogs went around... but really, you should go back and READ ALL THE THINGS because the whole blog is hilarious. Also, my youngest child is totally the God Of Cake. XD

How to synch a Wii remote - I totally just could not brain this the other day; turned out it wasn't me, that the unit actually needed to powercycle. Phew?

I have strep. I'm on the drugs for fixing and pain management, but for two straight days I was running at 102+ degrees. In honor of my sauteed brains, I give you this:

Rimming - NSFW!!! - Someone asked me the other day what this meant. So... I let them know. You may not want to know. What is seen cannot be unseen. Click at your own risk.

IMDB - Pulp Fiction

Google Image Search: Ke$ha - I've been watching Glee a lot with my mom lately, and on the alcohol awareness episode they did a Ke$ha song, with one of the actresses pretty well done up to look like her. Mom didn't know who Ke$ha is... so I educated her.

Thottbot - NPC, Mountaineer Wallbang. He was a pain in the butt to find, primarily because the locator dot on my map was claiming him to be in the middle of Thelsamar rather than down in the Valley of the Kings.

Hugh Casey Photography - That's right. hughcasey - he does AWESOME work, go check him out!

Image - Skull Candy Earbuds. I bought these by accident at Newbury Comics, for $30, thinking they included a microphone and therefore could be used with my iPhone. Instead what LOOKED like a mic is actually just a little thing containing a volume switch, in the same size/shape of a mic. Faked me right out, so funny, oh ho ho. So. Anybody want some kickass earbuds for which I have no use? Half what I paid, and they're yours.

Plagiarism vs. Inspiration - So, Rihanna. She has a new song and music video for it, called S&M. I watching it, it gave me a few chuckles, it was prolific and interesting use of latex costuming. Apparently fashion photograph David LaChappelle is calling her out as copying his work. And yeah, there are shared elements - but when you get down to it, when you're doing a broad and yet still publically acceptable visual of S&M themes, are there really that many that you're going to be able to hit that haven't been done before? (Personally, I think the claim of the dog walking scene's being identical is stretching it. The amount and portions of bare body shown by each person in each of the comparison images, alone, gives them both a very different feel (and of the two I find Rihanna's more inviting)). ...anyway. O Look, A Kerfluffle On Teh Intarwebz!

Books in the Age of the iPad

Electron Band Structure In Germanium, My Ass - Abstract: The exponential dependence of resistivity on temperature in germanium is found to be a great big lie. My careful theoretical modeling and painstaking experimentation reveal 1) that my equipment is crap, as are all the available texts on the subject and 2) that this whole exercise was a complete waste of my time.

Myths About Man-Eating Plants

The Message - by Andrew S. Fuller. Made my heart hurt in my chest.

The Radio Announcer's Test - Open this, and do a cold reading of it, aloud, right away. How far did you get? I actually managed the whole thing. Mom's coworkers were right, I should've gone into radio.
Isn't this world Amazing?


Is it just me or are more (number) more (value qualifier) interesting things coming into my world these days?

Dr. Zoidberg - courtesy of pgnblade, an amigurumi pattern to create your very own Dr. Zoidberg!

Image - courtesy of amberghylles, an image portraying the mentality of gamers as applied to daily life.

Shiny - I was browsing some things on the Tiffany website, and Tiny Emperor was peering over my shoulder. "Whatcha looking at, mama?" "Necklaces, sweetie." "MAMA! Mama, that one is really pretty! You should have that one!!!" Thanks, nugget. If only.

Upending stereotypes - Misperceptions Some People Have About Public Libraries

This is the only sign language you need to know*:

Thinking of Inking? - a WashPo guide to tattoos.

Knitting - the Hemlock Ring Blanket, via shadesong, is SO pretty! And I don't need another project right now, I still have the Shipwreck to finish (and the cowl, and the socks for mom, and and and), but... but... PRETTY!

Comics and Movies - an article about the history of Bane in the Batman comics, as well as hopes/expectations of him for he movie.

Style Tech - How to tie a winter scarf. Apparently I've been doing it wrong for years.

Tunes - YouTube: Bow Wow Wow, I Want Candy

Wikipedia - article on Serial Experiments Lain. I was trying to suss out a friend's status message, which was simply "lain" and I was told I was the only one who could figure it out. I failed, but it turns out it was because I had, in conversation, "I will have lain..." and the phrase gave him a wordgeek joygasm. Yay me!

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)

Comic - Something Positive. I am SO behind, as;lkdgha;klfdn.

Wikipedia - article on Surak. I was accused, in a good way, of being like him. Yay me!


Thottbot - Protecting The Herd quest. WoW.

Wicked Faire - Three more days to Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Wicked Faire Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

WoW Wiki - Ironforge Airfield. Article, sadly, has old info. Not useful!

Meme - Son, I Am Disappoint.

*Not really.
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Isn't this world Amazing?

Linkdump and stuff and thing

Have such lovely things to write about! But first, must clear my head (and tabs) with a linkdump. Also, must address the matter of my filters, who is on them, and who is not but wishes to be.

Poem - i carry your heart with me, by e.e. cummings

Pattern - Maeva sock pattern on Knitty. I'm making these in a lovely hibiscus pink lambswool/angora/nylon that I frogged from a horrible sweatervest. They're for my mom.

Erotic shortfiction - Fruit of Knowledge, Seed of Truth by yours truly. I was sharing some of my work with a new friend last night, and this one got the reaction, "zomg, i just read your third story and *gasp* awesomesauce" - I'd call that positive feedback, neh?

Flowers - Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, and other brightly colored tropical flowers.

Knitting Technique - the magical cast-on for toe-up sock knitting. Booyeah.

Wikipedia - George H. W. Bush article. IDK, I was answering a trivia question....

Tool - Hand Operated Ball Winder, on Amazon. I have one, and the thing is invaluable for frogging foolish sweaters for their awesome fiber content.

Yarn shopping - I wasn't really shopping, just looking to see what the cost per unit length currently roughly is; I have some I'm probably going to toss up on Etsy. Silk/linen blend, anybody?

MBTA Subway Schedule - I spent a bunch of time on the T trains this week. Knowing the schedule is very useful.

How To Resize An Image In BBCode

Periscope Magazine

My Valentinr - bliss
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One day left - send me a little love? And comment here with a widget/link, if you have one, so I can love you longtime.

Webcomic - The System - What Car Horns Are Really Saying

Illusion Knitting - I REALLY don't need another crafting hobby attempting to capture my interest... but this does look wicked nifty!

Telegraph, UK - Otto the octopus wreaks havoc.

Drunk octopus wants to fight you! - word is still out on whether this one is any relation to Otto.

How To Write Well Badly - Bwahaha! XD

And finally, a little internet nostalgia...
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Isn't this world Amazing?


Valentine's Diseases - Thinkgeek. A heart shaped box of tiny plushie microbes!

The Dark Tower - Javier Barden, from No Country For Old Men, possible to star as Roland in the TV/Movie hybrid project for The Dark Tower. I am wary, but openminded.

Oh baby baby, lurve me. Lurve me with words. My Valentinr - bliss
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Dating Sites Go Squish - TechCrunch: has acquired OKCupid. This makes me somewhat uneasy.

Lake-effect Snow - I got tired of not having a really solid understanding of just what the phrase means.

Lyrics - Sedna, by Heather Dale

Poetry - by Georg Trekl

How To Build An Igloo - WikiHow

The Stand, in theaters - Stephen King's The Stand may be getting made into a movie. There aren't many things I go see in theaters these days, but this (along with Dark Tower) is among them. King does apocalypses well. As yet, there is nothing on IMDB to support this. (The movie being made, not the quality of King's apocalypses. ....I wonder what would happen if King and Whedon got together for an apocalypse? Oooh.)

Pretty Dress - 18th century sackback gown, Rossetti Couture

Pretty Dress #2 - 1880s style gown, Rossetti Couture. I am so in love with the fabric choice and color combination.

Recipe - Asparagus with garlic and parmesan. Omnom?

Pukha - random Tumblr found when looking up the meaning of "pukha", a word I do not know that was recently ascribed to me. Apparently it's a British Term meaning 'genuine one', but I thought maybe it had to do with the Pooka of myth and legend. Either way, the Tumblr has some shiny in it.

And now an awesome VW commercial, reposted from hughcasey

Periscope Magazine - a new magazine. The theme for their second issue is going to be "itis"

NSFW but totally awesome, shot ice luges in the shape of a bosom and of male genitalia.

Wikiquotes - Spider Robinson
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Isn't this world Amazing?


How they deal with snow in Japan - beware nasty attitude in the article and much of the comments, but the video is neat; it's like a gigantic snowblower.

Viper Tongue whip - NSFW;

Blue Eyes - TVTropes: "Blue eyes vary greatly in their meaning: 1. Beautiful: Innocent "baby blues" or clear, pure and shining. Either way, a popular choice for heroes and heroines. Common with Hair Of Gold. 2. Piercing and icy, seeming to look right through you. 3. Then there is the variety given to particularly degenerate characters, sort of light and watery, and there are blue eyes that seem to be too open where one starts to hope they'll blink soon." I have blue eyes myself... I don't imagine they fit into any of the three categories above, though.

Rugrat Win - It's a teeny beanie houdini!

Lone Nepali Soldier Defends Potential Rape Victim Against 40 Men - This is the second time in as many days that I've heard of outstanding melee skill from a Gurkha; must read more about them.

Lace Up Opera Gloves - now near the top of my knitting to-do list. For those who aren't ravelry'ers, pictures and pattern are also here.

Image - Inspirational; has been saved to a folder for me to write upon in the near future.

Image - ...this one too. This guy is GOOD. Very evocative. (Same artist as above)

As You Wish - on the one hand, I don't really have the money right now to justify buying myself a knitting pattern, even just an $8 one. On the other hand... it's Princess Bride in a lace round shawl!!! *flail*

RIP John Barry - Composer of many of the scores for James Bond films, as well as Dances With Wolves, Body Heat, Lion in Winter, Somewhere In Time, Peggy Sue Got Married, Chaplin, and Howard the Duck.

Lachhiman Gurung - ah yes; this is the other Gurkha soldier of whom I'd read.

Image - Brain Bleach

Image - using this for an upcoming location in the WIP.

Deconstructed Glass Of Wine

List of characters in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

If you click nothing else in this post, click for this image - Dumbledore vs. Gandalf

Image - Giant Head of Eddie Murphy. ....idk, dudes.
Isn't this world Amazing?


How do you measure your snowfall? This winter, is measuring it in Shaq-inches (via shadesong

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - Did I link to this in the last linkdump? Because even if I did, I'm doing it again, because it's bloody brilliant. I'm up to Chapter 65 now.

Horrorscope - Capricorn

There's an app for that - New geolocation app connects citizen first responders to heart attack victims.

Hipster Potter - the HP three - Harry, Hermione, and Ron - (t)arted up as hipsters.

Anagramatic Poetry

My Valentinr - bliss
I has a flavor

I make things

I really enjoy painting. The automatically self-deprecating part of me wants to say that I'm not very good at it... but I don't know if I honestly can. I don't have a lot of training, I don't have a lot of technique, I don't even do it often enough to claim that I've been practicing.

I took a lesson, once. Just once. My sister was taking art lessons, and this one summer day I went along and paid the fee and sat in this woman's basement and painted a small picture of an owl.

She hung it in a showing at the local art gallery. It's framed, somewhere - probably my parents' barn.

I don't think I even once took an art course in high school, barring photography and technical drafting classes, and I certainly know I didn't in college. I'm a doodler more than anything, and I know I can't sketch or draw worth a damn. But there's just something about painting that intrigued me for years. I didn't bother trying to get into it, though - after all, my sister was officially The Artistic One. You know how, when there are multiple siblings in the family, you compartmentalize yourselves and each other in order to stand out? My brother was The Athletic One. I'm The Bookworm. My sister is The Artist.

Of course we all had the annoying habit of blurring things, what with my brother also being a drummer and my sister playing flute and guitar and my sister and I both singing and being actors and all three of us being involved in sports played out on a diamond-

Hello, I'm BlissBob DigressionPants.

Aside from all that, there's also the cost of art supplies, and not feeling a real DRIVE to it and having so many other things already taking up my time/attention/money/sanity, it just wasn't worth it to drop the cash it would take for a decent starter set for painting not knowing if it'd do it for me. Not, that is, until I was out of college, working at Barnes & Noble, and there was a gift item that was already cheaper than it would be in a specialty store that was discounted, and there were enough that I was able to set one aside during one of my shifts to purchase after I got off at the employee discount. I got a tabletop french easel that looks pretty much like this one:

It's got three sections inside the box; one is filled with a small array of Tempra, Oil, and Acrylic paints. The center one has a few small wooden stretchers and a couple paintbrushes. The other has a bottle of linseed oil, a palette knife, and a little plastic cup. There's also a wooden palette. Over time, it has come to also house two plastic palettes, another plastic cup, a broader range of brushes, and a loose lot of acrylic tubes of paint.

I still have yet to bother at all with the Tempra paint (reminds me of elementary school), and have pretty much been puzzled by and avoidant of the oils. Pretty much all my painting since I got the box have been with acrylics. I've been interested in the oils, but just... felt like I should get some sort of training on how to do it right before I even popped them open.

Today, I said, "Screw that. I have Google and Youtube."

So I spent about an hour searching for text and video instruction on oil painting. A large chunk of it, unfortunately, skipped over what it was I was looking for - either it was basic to the point of just outlining what tools you should by, or presumed you already know how to set up a palette and mix your paint, and jumped right into applying color to canvas. Bastards. But I am not exactly a dumb Bliss, so I pretty much worked it out, and busted out some blue oil paint and some oil, mixed it up, and applied it as a full background wash to my canvas.

Oh. Mahgawds.

It was like a revelation. This was what I had always imagined that painting SHOULD feel like! The brush just gliiiiiiiides across the canvas spreading pigment in its wake, and I can lay a whole bunch out before blending it to an even shade across without worrying about it drying in mere minutes. It was like painting with butter. Hell, it was painting with oil, and it was beautiful.

Now it's hanging on the wall in my bedroom; by tomorrow night it should be dry enough for me to do the next layer of my work. :D
Tragic Spill, Oh No My Coffee!

Forget yesterday. TODAY is fired.

So yeah, wringing out the same three towels into a plastic bin for an hour or so, your hands get wicked chapped.

I can't feel my fingertips.

*gets back to it*

(Icon in honor of the goddamn burst radiant heater pipe)